Handling SSDI Benefit Hearings In Tennessee

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearing processes can take months, even years, to give you what you need: income to help you get through the years to come. You may feel forgotten, anxious, frustrated. At The Vaughan Law Firm, we will explain the process to you and stand by you every step of the way.

Don't rely on just any attorney, anywhere. Choose experience. Contact the knowledgeable, local, SSDI/SSI lawyers at The Vaughan Law Firm in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Too many people do not realize that they are not working with a local SSDI/SSI lawyer until they have to send paperwork to New York. At our Tennessee law firm, you will meet with your attorney — not a paralegal — in person. While you wait in line for your chance to defend your right to SSDI/SSI benefits, we will explain the hearing process in detail to you. We will take the time to ensure that we have all available medical records, and we will work with your physicians to develop evidence that shows the severity of your impairments.

The SSDI/SSI Benefits Hearing Process

Usually, individuals must wait one year between the time their claim is denied and the time the hearing takes place. The hearing itself can take less than an hour. The SSDI Administrative Law Judge may bring in a vocational expert, but, unlike other trials, you will not know what the expert will say before the hearing. Sometimes, the judge won't even ask questions. This is why it is important to have an attorney who will get to know your case inside out and who will be able to think on his or her feet.

After the Social Security benefits hearing, anywhere from three weeks to three months might pass before you hear the results.

Your initial consultation is free — no strings attached. You won't pay us any legal fees unless we are successful. Our fees are subject to agency approval and are taken out as a percentage of the retroactive benefits that started accumulating the moment your application was received — not out of your future benefits.

If You Are Denied Benefits After The Hearing

If you were denied Social Security disability benefits after your initial application, reconsideration with the Social Security Administration and the administrative hearing, there are still other chances for a positive outcome. The next step is to bring an appeal with the Social Security Appeals Council. This step can take between six months and one year. If all else fails, we can bring your claim to federal district court.

Experience Handling The Most Difficult SSDI/SSI Cases

Many attorneys are not willing to take on the most difficult SSDI/SSI cases. At The Vaughan Law Firm, we take them and we fight to win them.

Typically, SSDI/SSI cases are less stringent for people who are over 50, have limited education or have worked in semi-skilled or unskilled jobs, as well as for people with exertion problems, such as back injuries. The younger you are, the more difficult your case will be to win. Medical disabilities such as diabetes and pancreatitis usually lead to quicker results than mental health disabilities or child cases (where you can only get SSI for your child). No matter how difficult the case, we have the experience to help.

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