Experienced Lawyers For Contested Divorces In Tennessee

A divorce is one thing. A contested divorce is something else. Before your situation gets so far out of hand that an unhappy result is inevitable — find out what an experienced law firm like ours can do for you.

At The Vaughan Law Firm in Knoxville, we understand the volatile conditions that exist in many contested divorce situations. For more than three decades, our family law attorneys have helped people in east Tennessee navigate their way through difficult divorces and family law proceedings. Today, we focus our experience, skills and resources on cases where there are serious disagreements over many of the basic issues involved, including:

  • What the child custody arrangements should be
  • How much parenting time (visitation) each parent should have, and what a workable schedule would look like
  • Who should pay child support, and how much
  • Whether or not a spouse should receive alimony
  • The assets and debts which are subject to property division under Tennessee state law

At The Vaughan Law Firm, we have the requisite skill and determination to take on complex, high-value divorce cases. We are fully prepared to represent our clients in the most contentious matters and to defend their interests against powerful and influential parties.

We Work Hard to Achieve Solutions and to Minimize the Damage

Our divorce attorneys put in the time, care and attention to effectively protect the interests of our clients in contested divorce cases. We work diligently to minimize damages to our clients and to their children. When reasonable discussion is still possible, divorce mediation may be the best forum for accomplishing that goal. That said — a mediated agreement that doesn't give you a result you can live with is one that we can't live with either. In these cases, you can feel confident in our ability to aggressively represent you at trial and work to keep the costs of litigation controlled.

Contested Military Divorces

The military has distinct rules that can add additional stress to an already volatile divorce situation. Attorney Larry Vaughan is an ex-JAG officer who represents military members or their spouses in military divorce cases.

Let over 60 years of combined experience get the results you deserve.

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